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GrandOak Flooring Product Catalogue

We were entrusted with the creation of the branding for this new range of quality oak flooring. As one of the first communication collateral that needed to be created, we drew on the new brand to create a  product catalogue showcasing the full range of product together with its features and benefits.

The catalogue expands on the essence of the brand ensuring the look and feel are on point and consistent with the initial vision, being to create ‘air of quality and elegance’. We ensure this occurs by following the style guide that has been developed, which makes reference to typefaces, colours and imagery that can be used. All their design team reference this with the results being, no matter how wide the range of communication material, a consistent message across the board, for their client’s customers. This ensures that not only what is written, but also what is displayed is effective and clear in what’s portrayed.

If your company could use a graphic design and web design team that provides this much care with branding, give them a call as they will be happy to chat whether it be just a logo, or logo with flyers, brochures, websites and more.

GrandOak Flooring

A leading market brand within Australia for oak flooring.

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