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GrandOak Flooring Branding

Eye to Eye Graphic Design has been supporting GrandOak Flooring with it’s branding, marketing and digital space for several years. Prior to this on inception of the this new range Eye to Eye Graphic Design were entrusted with the creation of the branding, including brand mark / logo design, product catalogue, retail in-store signage and website.

The brief was to create a brand that evoked an air of quality and elegance as the product was high quality due to being made with authentic timbers. This was achieved with the careful selection of a serif typeface (after sorting through hundreds of available typefaces) combined with the dusty colours.

When creating a brand, Eye to Eye Graphic Design draws on the talent of it’s own staff to design bespoke solutions that are not simply copied from other existing examples, nor outsourced to cheap overseas options. This takes time, however, the benefits of this approach are numerous, one being our client’s have their own bespoke brand that specifically meets their requirements.

Another benefit of branding created with this approach is better communication of marketing material to potential customers as the brand is seen as a whole and therefore implemented across all communication material and touch points with customers.

GrandOak Flooring

A leading market brand within Australia for oak flooring.

GrandOak Flooring Product Catalogue
GrandOak Flooring Website
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